The roles

How could you make a difference?

Whichever role you decide is right for you, you can be confident that you’ll be making a significant difference to the future of the Army and its people. Attracting, engaging and ultimately recruiting the right people to fill the right roles is absolutely integral to this organisation. And with your help, we’ll continue to support this super-brand built solely on the talent of its people. What’s more, you’ll be part of a team delivering cutting edge recruiting solutions, work in an enjoyable and professional environment, and learn from our industry leaders to become an expert in candidate experience and RPO recruitment.

Recruiting Soldiers

When embarking on their careers, it’s essential for non-experienced and younger recruits new to the world of working to be fully informed of their options – and that’s just what you’ll do. There is an incredible variety of opportunities within the Army and by providing potential candidates with the facts, you’ll play a large part in informing them of all their options, setting them up for success. Operating in a high-volume environment, you’ll be recruiting into roles as diverse as Intelligence Analyst, Engineer and Infantry Soldier. This area is complex and dynamic and you’ll need to be ready to give all candidates the attention they need and deserve, so your interpersonal skills and attention-to-detail will need to be second-to-none.

Recruiting Senior Talent

Like any organisation, the Army needs outstanding leaders. Leaders who drive and inspire their colleagues to achieve the highest of standards. You’ll mentor these aspiring candidates into roles such as Cavalry Officer, Intelligence Officer or even Helicopter Pilot. By attending and hosting events throughout your region, you’ll search and create a talent pool of candidates. As a senior brand ambassador, your knowledge of the roles available will be paramount.