Recruitment roles like no other

At Capita we work with the British Army to inspire, engage and nurture future soldiers and officers, delivering on their targets for quantity, quality and candidate experience. To do this, we need recruiters with real vision. As a recruiter, you are passionate about creating a candidate experience like no other, and have the ambition to deliver time and time again. As part of this super-brand partnership, you’ll strive to place non-experienced applicants (soldiers) or future leaders (officers) into careers perfect for them. It’s incredibly rewarding and interesting, and it will develop you as a recruiter in unimaginable ways.

About Capita

As one of the UK’s leading recruitment process outsourcing businesses, we’re committed to providing organisations with all aspects of their recruitment needs. We’ve recruited over 10,000 individuals into the British Army, and within Capita processed more than three million job applications in the past year. We’re motivated by finding the very best people to fill the right roles, which is why we need talented recruiters who know excellence when they see it. Join Capita and you’ll work with industry leaders who will provide you with invaluable training and development opportunities as you further your recruitment career.

Who we're looking for

We're hiring people with varying levels of recruiting experience to join Europe’s largest RPO, recruiting for the British Army. This organisation is responsible for protecting the UK and its people, supporting peacekeeping missions, assisting those affected by natural disasters and helps prevent terrorism all over the world.

With over 200 roles, apprenticeships and training schemes available, the range of opportunities in the British Army is incredible. It's down to recruitment experts like you to make people as excited by that prospect as we are.

We’re looking for recruitment specialists, with all levels of experience, who will focus on either high-volume soldier recruitment or the recruitment of senior talent (Army Officers). You will thrive in an environment where candidate experience is the key focus and your guidance and support will create and build the Army’s next generation of soldiers and officers.

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